Be Thou My Vision





Mitzie Collins – hammered dulcimer • Esther Kreek – hammered dulcimer • Kinloch Nelson – guitar • Glennda Dove – flute

instrumental • time 55 minutes

The 24 hymn tunes on Be Thou My Vision are an expression of the faith of the generations of worshipers who have sung them. Representing both composed and traditional folk melodies, they reflect the history of hymnody in the United States that extends over the past two hundred years. In the difficult task of narrowing down their list of a hundred favorite hymns, Mitzie Collins and Esther Kreek selected, with affection and respect, hymns that have long been a part of the fabric of personal meditation and of public worship. The ringing notes of the dulcimer unfold each melody with clarity and vitality, leading the listener on a path of memories, reassurance, and sustenance. The warmth of the guitar, the soaring descants of the flute, and the strength of the pump organ and piano give an inviting variety of texture to the wide range of hymns.

CONTENTS: Holy, Holy, Holy / Come, Thou Almighty King / Crown Him with any Crowns • Amazing Grace • Simple Gifts • Sweet Hour of Prayer / Softly and Tenderly / I Need Thee Every Hour • Once to Every Man and Nation / Watchman, Tell Us of the Night • Just as I Am • O For a Thousand Tongues • Rock of Ages / My Faith Looks Up to Thee • Truehearted, Wholehearted / Standing on the Promises / Onward Christian Soldiers • Let Us Break Bread Together • Wondrous Love • Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing • Be Thou My Vision • Now the Day Is Over / Blest Be the Tie / God Be with You

compact disc $15

" . . . a wonderful collection of favorite hymns for the Church. Listeners will be spiritually blessed by the faith which shines through the music and musically enriched by the joy, sensitivity, and talent with which it has been offered. This is unique. Don't miss it!" --- The Rev. Marilyle Sweet Page, Rochester New York

" . . . it causes me to listen to these hymns with a new appreciation, to listen beyond the words, at a deeper level. Quieting . . . the music leads to a centering and a stillness, to a place where you let go of your own thoughts." --- The Rev. Daniel Klement, United Methodist Church of the Rockaways, Rockaway New Jersey

"It is the dulcimer that makes Be Thou My Vision special and the most devout disbeliever can revel in the gorgeous sounds of this non-vocal set of hymns." — Frank Behrens, VTJ Arts and Entertainment Calendar, Walpole, New Hampshire.

"Be Thou My Vision is the only recording I've ever owned in my whole life on which I've liked every piece. The selection of tunes is excellent. Each one is a favorite." — Max Hunter, Marienville, Pennsylvania


Christmas Favorites for Harp





Roxanne Ziegler – harp • Michinobu Iimori – oboe

instrumental • time 53 minutes

CONTENTS: Angels and Shepherds (Nesem vam Noviny) • Silent Night •Ave Maria (Schubert) • All Hayle to the Dayes / Sussex Carol • Variations on O Tannenbaum Allegro Moderato (Handel) • Once in Royal David's City • Les Enfants a la Crecho • Lo, How a Rose e'er Blooming (Es ist ein' Ros') • The First Nowell • Blessed Be That Maid Marie • Maria Walks Amid the Thorns (Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging) • The Little Drummer Boy • Hark, the Herald Angels Sing • Coventry Carol • Gesu Bambino • Brightest and Best

compact disc $15

"There are many harp Christmas albums on the market, but this one really stands out for the unusual and superb arrangements, for the variety of the material, and for Roxanne's clear, musical, and expressive playing. This album is a classic to be treasured for many years." --- Elizabeth Cifani, principal harpist, Chicago Lyric Opera; Professor of Harp, Northwestern University

"A marvelous way to light up the season - - Roxanne Ziegler plays a delightful mixture of carols and traditional melodies for everyone to enjoy. The arrangements are stylish; the playing is sensitive, clear and joyous. 'Coventry Carol' and 'Angels and Shepherds' are two of the many appealing arangements heard on this recording." — Kathleen Bride, Professor of Harp, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.

"Enchanting! I'm sure this will be as popular with our customers as Sampler's other three Christmas albums." — Carleen Wilenius, owner - The Creator's Hands and The Creator's Hands Too, Rochester, New York.

"Roxanne's interpretations are played with clarity and expertise; her technique is impeccable. I especially enjoy 'Gesu Bambino' with the interplay between oboe and harp." — Mary Radspinner, concert harpist; Proprietor of Melody Music and Harp Center, Houston, Texas

"Music fit for the King; from the shining gold of Salzedo's Tannenbaum Variations" to the mystic incense rising from 'Brightest and Best'. This album glistens and delights; in the arrangements there is dignity, reverence and even a touch of melancholy myrrh in the Marian medley. favorites and surprises fill thsi disc." — John Gaspar, Director of Music, Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York; music faculty, Gates-Chili, New York, School District

"Best Christmas harp recording of 1994. Real magic . . .stood out among the hundreds of recordings I had to choose from." —Dr. Gerard J. Grzyb, seasonal-music coordinator, WRST-FM University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Joy of Angels





Shaker spirituals for Christmas and the New Year

Randy Folger, Colleen Liggett, Kathy Leigh Johnson, Mitzie Collins, Jeff Harp, Joel Hume, Maura Slon (vocal soloists) • The Sampler Chorus • The Eastman Bach Children's Chorus (directed by Karla Torkildsen Krogstad)

vocal • time 73 minutes

JOY OF ANGELS is the first, and at the moment, only, recording of Shaker Christmas music. It is a rare occasion to present a collection of new and compelling melodies for Christmas. Most of these songs have never been published before; we have transcribed them directly from Shaker manuscripts — and have published them in a companion song book. The recording features Randy Folger, whose rich voice was tragically stilled this spring in a fatal automobile accident. As music interpreter, he charmed thousands of visitors to Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, with his presentations of Shaker song. Randy's solo album and additional Shaker instrumental and vocal are listed on our website. Also featured are Kathy Leigh Johnson (who has her own gospel album, Old-Time Gospel Favorites) and Colleen Liggett, whose clear voices are heard on our first Shaker album, Love is Little; and the bright sounds of Rochester's Eastman Bach Children's Chorus in its recording debut.

CONTENTS: Awake for the angels are gath'ring near •The birthday of Jesus •Blessed season •Brethren and sisters let us sing •Star of Hope •Come let us hail this blissful day •Fear not, for behold •Give good gifts • Give me the treasure • Glory unto God • Hail, hail the beautiful morn • Hail the memorable morn • Hear ye, hear ye • I hear a voice • I hear the sweet sound of an angel's song • I love to play and skip around • In love and sweet union • Listen! while we join with angels • Low, low! In this pretty path • Low within the vale • A New Year • Star of Purity • O hearken listen to the sound • O see the lovely angels • O the blessed revelation • Our blessed Saviour's humble birth • The Prince of Peace • Since we are called to liberty • Step Tune • Sweetest music • This is a pleasant Christmas Day • This is Jesus' birthday • Simple Gifts • To all the good children, a Happy New Year • We have found the promised Saviour • When Christ was of a Virgin born • While once in Judah's lovely land   • With Precious Gifts

compact disc $15song book $16 • compact disc & song book $28

"A chest of unexpected treasures ! The tunes and words , though seemingly simple, are full of cunning subtle details. the talented poets and composers represented here include eleven women. The editorial essays in the printed anthology are models of their kind, providing clear and wise guidance to students and performers alike. The performaces on the recording are lovingly skillful and delightfully varied and will repay repeated listening." — Ralph P. Locke, Professor of Musicology, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.

"Here is a rich lode of possibilities for all kinds of singing occasions - some for congregations at Christmas, like the wonderful regional carols - and others for specific events, such as a Shaker pagents or a historical program . . . I love the melodic ideas - this is not what you hear every day. Congratulations to all involved. " — George Ward, recording artist and folklorist, Albany, New York.

Shaker music scholar ROGER HALL discusses American Shaker Music — CLICK HERE.

Love is Little





a sampling of Shaker spirituals

Mitzie Collins, Roger Hall, Jeff Harp, Kathy Leigh Johnson, Colleen Liggett, Andrew Nagel (vocal soloists) • The Sampler Chorus

vocal • time 53 minutes

LOVE IS LITTLE includes spirituals from all the major Shaker communities. Produced under the musical direction of ethnomusicologist Roger Hall, the 36 selections are performed in their original style: mostly unison, unaccompanied melodies. Both Love is Little and Joy of Angels reflect Mitzie Collins' lasting interest in Shaker spirituals and her experience as a choir director. The Shaker songs on Love is Little provide a fresh source of music for programs and worship services. You'll find the companion song book to Love is Little invaluable.

CONTENTS: Mother Ann's Song •Father James's Song • In Yonder Valley • Square Order Shuffle • Quick Step Manner • The Happy Journey • How Beautiful Do the Heavens Ring • Living Souls Let's Be Marching • Followers of the Lamb • A Prayer for the Captive • Put Thy Hands to Work • Glory and Honor • O Do Feel More Life • Welcome Gospel Kindred • Chinese • Praise to Mother • A Round Dance • All is Summer • If Our Home is So Beautiful • All at Home • More Love • Prayer Universal • Millennial Praise • Peace to Zion • The Shakers • Simple Gifts • Blended Together • Let Zion Move • Redeeming Love • Mother • How Happy are They • Ode to Contentment • On the Landing of Mother Ann in America • Slow March • Gentle Words • Love is Little

compact disc $15 • song book $15 • compact disc & song book $27

"The Shakers are estimated to have composed eight to ten thousand tunes, making this group one of the major contributors of American folk song. The excellent vocals of Mitzie, Roger, and the Sampler Chorus carry this recording onto a high level of musical achievement. Anyone interested in the Shakers and their music must have this recording." --- "Andy Recommends" Andy's Front Hall Mail Order Catalog, Voorheesville, New York

"The recording includes a nice contrast of styles, tempi, vocal timbres and ranges. It resists the temptation to 'arange' the music for modern performance, but lets the music speak for itself. I'd recommend both book ane recording as useful for singers and scholars, and would suggest that traditional music groups will find the collection a means of incorporating these songs into their own repertories. Teachers will find them useful sources for all sorts of classes and projects in regional music, sacred music, vocal music or simply surveys of American music. I'd also recommend the recording if for no other reason than that you'll enjoy it" — the late Dr. Susan Porter, Professor of Music, Ohio State University, Lima, Ohio for The Sonneck Society for American Music Bulletin, Summer 1993.

Shaker music scholar ROGER HALL discusses American Shaker Music — CLICK HERE.

Mark Hamilton -- Songs and Tunes from Wolf Run





Mark Hamilton – fiddle, harmonica, vocals • Jim Kimball – fiddle, pump organ, piano, jews harp • Glenn McClure – bass, tenor banjo, guitar • Mitzie Collins – piano

instrumental / vocal • time 71 minutes

Mark Hamilton is one of the last of the old-time performers in Western New York. He is what folklorists call a "tradition-bearer". He still knows the dance calls, songs, stories, and fiddle tunes that he learned from his grandparents, parents, friends, and neighbors in New York State's Southern Tier. When you hear Mark's playing and singing you are transported to a country kitchen or to a Grange Hall dance. Even in very fragile health, he treated the thousands of folks gathered for the 1999 annual Fiddlers' Festival at the Genesee Country Museum, [near Rochester, New York] to comic songs, lively tunes, and traditional dance calls. His stature as a traditional musician has been recognized nationally and locally. We are proud to share a significant part of Mark's repertory with an even larger audience. The companion book 74 pages has all the tunes and songs, extensively annotated; the introductory essay by Jim Kimball; and 14 pages of photographs and music covers make it a valuable resource for research in American popular and folk music.

CONTENTS: Green Lantern • Irish Washerwoman • Chase the Possum • Erie Canal Song • Barefoot Boy with Boots On • Bonaparte's March • Van Amberg • Comin' 'Round the Mountain • Needle's Eye • First Four Right and Left • Green Mountain Hornpipe • I Wish I Was Single Again • Fairy Dance • Whiskey is the Devil • Four Leaf Clover • A Wolf Story • Theodore Wagner's First Change • Paddy's Murphies • Little Brown Jug • Weevily Wheat • Humpty Dumpty Schottische • If I Were as Young • Martha Washington Waltz • Rocked the Babies to Sleep • Red Wing • Jenny Lind Polka • Fifty Cents • * Daddy • Why Did I Get Married • Beaux of Oak Hill • Mr. Dram Drinker • Before Columbus Landed Over Here • I Got A Girl that Loves Nobody • Hip Hooray • Boston Burgler • Turn Lady Half • My Love She's But A Lassie Yet ('Dosi Balinet') • Duck and Dive • eleven untitled old-time square dance tunes

compact disc $15 • tune book $16 • CD & tunebook $28

"This is an enjoyable visit into the life of someone who has brought much musical elation to his friends and neighbors for years. Such regional collections are becoming rare. This whole package is a fine effort at documenting a vanishing tradition." --- Kerry Blech, Victory Review, Bonney Lake, Washington

"At the age of 18 he was given a fiddle. Six weeeks later, he has matered it enough to play for a dance. He hasn't put the fiddle down in 4 years. Today Mark Hamilton of Black Creek can be found playing and singing at functions throughout the region. With a repertoire of hundreds of 'old time' songs and tunes, Mr. Hamilton said he is never at a loss for requested numbe3s of music to fit an occasion." — Kate Day, Times-Union, Olean, New York.

". . . a delightful introduction to Mark Hamilton. Mark is one of those traditional, old-time artists who rarely hve the opportunity these days to be known and recognized outside their own region. Mitzie Collins and Sampler Records do a great service for everyone by making new, quality recordings of traditional artists.' —- Mark Sustic, as director of the Champlain Valley Festival, Burlington, Vermont.

". . . Mark Hamilton knows a bit of American history! Like many 70-year olds, he's a walking, talking memory chip with first-hand experience of our past. His particular expertise lies in what he calls 'old-time music', the music played at generations of rural house parties and grange dances and cornhusking parties." — Elizabeth Forbes, Times Union, Rochester, New York.

"You're right there in Mark's living room, charmed beyond reason, and not caring if an undiscovered gem slips out and hits you on the noggin. Hamilton's fiddle is rhythmic, his singing youthful, his sense of performance utterly suited to the material. Great stuff!" — Pete Sutherland, Old Time Music Herald, Durham, North Carolina

"Mark Hamilton's [recording] is the best 'down home' music I've heard in a very long time.' — Ruth Price, Cambridge, Ohio.






THE SAMPLER TRIO — Mitzie Collins: dulcimer; Glennda Dove: flute; Roxanne Ziegler: harp

Stefan Reuss, Lynn Kahle Richmond, Kathleen Murphy Kemp, Ingrid Bock: cello quartet • Kinloch Nelson: guitar • Arrangements by Cary Ratcliff

instrumental • Time 53 minutes

A fitting successor to Ornaments and Nowell, Rejoice is a collection of familiar and less-known carols, distinctively arranged by ASCAP award-winning composer Cary Ratcliff. While flute, harp and dulcimer form the center of this recording, the addition of a cello quartet and guitar gives additional depth to the ensemble texture and sound. Digitally recorded and edited, Rejoice presents crystalline interpretations of Christmas music from the rich traditions of Catalonia, Provence, Russia, Italy, Scotland, Poland, the United States, Germany, and England. The artistry of flutist Glennda Dove is especially highlighted on Rejoice. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music, she holds an Associate Diploma from London's Royal College of Music and is currently on the faculty of the Hochstein School of Music and the State University at Geneseo, New York.

CONTENTS: O Come, All Ye Faithful [Adeste Fideles] (dulcimer, flute, folk harp) • Leaping and Dancing [Catalan] (dulcimer, folk harp) • The Carol of the Bagpipers / The Snow Lay on the Ground [Italian] (dulcimer, flute, folk harp) • Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [J. S. Bach] (cello quartet, dulcimer, pedal harp) • What Child Is This [Greensleeves] (dulcimer trio) • Companions, All Sing [Basque] (flute quartet) • March of the Kings [Provencal] (dulcimer, folk harp) • The Cherry Tree Carol [American] (dulcimer, flute, pedal harp) • Good King Wenceslas (dulcimer, guitar, folk harp) • Babe of Bethlehem [American] (dulcimer, flute pedal harp) • Baloo, Lammy [Scottish] (folk harp) • In a Manger [Russian] (cello quartet, dulcimer, pedal harp) • Fum, Fum, Fum [Catalan] (dulcimer trio) • It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (dulcimer, pedal harp) • Star 'er Bethlehem [O Gwiazdo Betlejemska] [Polish] (flute, pedal harp) • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel / On This Day Earth Shall Ring (dulcimer, flute, pedal harp)

compact disc $12

"Delightful . . . enchanting . . . Wonderful arrangements beautifully played by first-rate performers. It's a special treat to have the booklet with music and words. Our family is going to play it a lot!" --- Bonita Boyd, International soloist, Professor of flute, Eastman School of Music, Rochester New York

"Congratulations on Rejoice . . . It's wonderful!" --- Evelyn Bannerman, Bannerman Celebrations, Montreat North Carolina

"Rejoice is one of the most enjoyable Christmas recordings I've heard. The sound quality and the musicianship are very fine. In fact, I'm playing two of the selections on my Christmas program which will be broadcast on December 24th. I greatly admire the work of Cary Ratcliff; his setting of the Russian carol "In A manger" is splendid." — Richard Gladwell, host,"With Heart and Voice" weekly program nationally syndicated on more than 100 public radio stations.

"Thank you for delighting us with the trio's presence at the 1993 Canadian Folk Harp Festival. You put on a wondeful performance . . . very impressive. Bravo for a job well done!" — Mary deMunnik, president, Ontario, Canada, Chapter of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen.

"The Sampler Trio serenely serenaded us on the Champlain ferry at the 1994 International Folk Harp Conference. The sound of Roxanne's harp, Mitzie's dulcimer and Glennda's flute danced on the rippling water as we watched the sun set. Truly a memorable night." — Tina Tourin, Chairperson, 1994 Conference of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftesmen Inc., Burlington, Vermont

"As usual Sampler seems to be living up to the same high standards that I have always felt that you set for yourselves as a superior source of unique music. Keep up the good work." — David A Naess, Holcomb, New York.

Romantic Favorites for Harp





Roxanne Ziegler – harps

instrumental • time 53 minutes

As the last note from Roxanne's harp hangs over the hushed concert hall, the entire audience remains absolutely still, savoring every second of resonance before bursting into applause. Romantic Favorites for Harp captures that magic. Each selection is a jewel-like performance, together forming a musical experience of infinite richness. These familiar airs, nostalgic standards, and classical masterpieces, all romantic in mood and style, are drawn from Celtic, classical, and popular sources. Multi-tracking on several pieces creates a lush harp choir, surrounding the listener with the peaceful sound of many strings.

CONTENTS: The Water is Wide • Premiere Arabesque (Debussy) •Moonlight Sonata (Adagio) •All Through the Night • Carolan's Dream [Turlough O;carolan] •Bridget Cruise • When I Grow Too Old to Dream / Golden Days / Serenade • Salley Gardens • O Mio Babbino CaroClair de Lune • The Grenadier and the Lady • Say Not Love is a Dream / Caprice Viennois / Waltz Dream • Fur Elise • Rose for Roxanne • Berceuse • My Love is like a Red, Red Rose / Annie Laurie

compact disc $15

"Roxanne Ziegler's elegant and simple lines offer a soothing, rich and warm approach to some of our most popular romantic literature. A joy to listen to and a must for your CD collection." --- Nancy Strelau, conductor, Finger Lakes Symphony Orchestra, Canandaigua, New York

"Exquisite renderings of traditional tunes of the British Isles; lots of Celtic with a spot of classical and nostalgic evergreens." — Tony May, Folk Roots Magazine, London, England

"It is always a pleasure ot listen to Roxanne's beautiful music on the harp, whether she is performing for large receptions at one of the most elegant settings in Rochester, The George Eastman House, or entertaining us through her Romantic Favorites at intimate dinner parties at my home." — Allen K. Buell, as manager, Special Events, George Eastman House, Rochester New York.

"What an outstanding collection! Our customers just love this recording." — Eric Larsen, propietor, Early Music Shop, Ashville, North Carolina

"ROMANTIC FAVORITES fits in perfectly with our eclectic mix of country and romantic gifts. The crispness and clarity of the music and the selection of melodies are captivating. We play it all the time in the store and I never get tired of it. Many customers say they could stay all day just to listen to the music. ' — Pamela Karski, propietor, Canterbury Place, Lewiston, New York " .

". . an exquisite colletion of pieces for the harp . . you play so beautifully. ALL the selections are wonderful . . . but I was particularly moved when I listened to 'O Mio babbino caro.'" — Linda King, harpist, Washington, D. C.

"This recording is a most expressive and versatile blend of eclectic favorites, imaginatively arranged and tastefully rendered." — Mary Brigid Roman, Professor of harp, School of Music, Florida State University, Tallahassee Florida.

Sackett's Harbor





Dance Music from Western New York State

Jim Kimball – fiddle, pump organ, jews harp, dulcimer • Betsy Gamble – fiddle • Mitzie Collins – dulcimer • Glenn McClure – dulcimer • Karen Park – cello • Eric Rounds – fiddle

instrumental • time 56 minutes

SACKETT'S HARBOR is an audio trip to a time when the Saturday night dance was the highlight of every little town in Western New York State; to a time when the fiddler kept the music going all evening; to a time that seems both more innocent and more vigorous than today. Music historian Jim Kimball has spent years interviewing traditional performers and studying early tune-books, local manuscripts, newspaper accounts, dance cards, and diaries. With five other performers, he recreates the typical sounds of rural ensembles that played a broad range of regional dance tunes. The instruments, all built in the nineteenth century and played in upstate New York, are as remarkable as the arrangements. Sackett's Harbor has an authenticity of sound that cannot be found elsewhere. This music style is the direct antecedent of modern string-band and bluegrass music. Sackett's Harbor is the title of a favorite tune that accompanies a regional contra-dance, which, in turn, takes its name from the War of 1812 battle site on Lake Ontario. The companion tune book, a hefty 54 pages, contains all of the tunes, an extensive bibliography, the background of each tune, and comparison versions.

CONTENTS: Sir Phillip MacQue • Virginia Reel • Money Musk • Cotillion Sett (Bennett's Reel, part 2, part 3, McDonald's Reel) • Drops of Brandy • Nellie Gray • Bricklayer's Hornpipe • Satan's Vision •Crooked S •Waltz Medley •Opera Reel • Tempest Reel • Rochester Schottische • Flowers of Michigan • Bantry Bay Boys • The Niagara French Four • Zip Coon • On Time Quadrille • Bank of Flowers • Sackett's Harbor / Belfast Volunteers / Logan Water • Fireman's Dance • Warring's Waltz • Boyne Water • Black Joke

compact disc $15 tune book $16 • compact disc & tunebook $28

" . . the principal charm of this recording is its faithfulness to an old and definitely provincial sound. Tunes are taken at a sprightly pace, with a lightness which makes dancing almost irresistable." --- Carrie Crompton, Dulcimer Players' News, Winchester, Virginia

" There is nothing Kimball will not do to increase knowledge of the history of country music in Western New York and its hand- in- glove partners, country dancing. {His}is research scholarship of the sort academic reputations are built on . . ." --- Bob Bickel, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York

" A delightful tape reminiscent of the music my great uncles and my grandfather played. The use of the cello and the pump organ gives it a truly traditional flavor. I highly recommend Sackett's Harbor to all lovers of traditional music." — the late Alice Clements, co-founder, New York State Old Tyme Fiddler's Association, Oceola, New York

"Mitzie Collins' unique Sampler label offers fine old-time country artists. It's great 'local' stuff. They were a big hit on our 'live-from-the-studio-concert." — Bill Knowlton, host, Bluegras Ramble, WCNY-FM Syracuse, New York.

" . . . We want to thank you for preserving and making available all the wonderful music from the past, played by talented musicians, which we are enjoying so much. We hope you continue to expand your collection." — Shirley Roeser, Honeoye Falls, New York

" [The recording] is, simply, the finest musical surprise I've had in recent (and not so recent) memory. It is beautifully recorded and the playing is packed with style and grace. Each replay is a pleasure . . . every moment counts." — Mark L Alessio, Jackson Heights, New York

Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning





Music of Irish Inspiration

Mitzie Collins – hammered dulcimer • Roxanne Ziegler – Celtic harp. wire-strung harp, pedal harp

Eric Rounds – fiddle • Glennda Dove – flute • Marcia Robeson – recorder.

instrumental • time 51 minutes

The full sweep of Irish history shines through the music of the Emerald Isles on this album. The entwined sounds of harp and dulcimer on the poignant slow airs and the irresistibly danceable jigs, reels and hornpipes arouse memories and pride in the heart of the Irish listener With this recording Mitzie Collins, a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, celebrates her Irish heritage; her great-grandfather Dennis Collins emigrated from County Cork as a young man. Her deep affection for Irish music has grown as she has specialized in music for the hammered dulcimer and has become one of America's virtuosos on that instrument.

CONTENTS: Carolan's Welcome by Turlough O'Carolan (hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp) • On Lough Neagh's Banks / The Gathering of the Clans (hammered dulcimer, pedal harp) • The Star of the County Down (wire-strung Celtic harp ) • The Rights of Man (hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp, fiddle) • Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms - by Thomas Moore (hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp ) • Tobin's Favorite / Planxty Browne (hammered dulcimer, Celtic Harp, fiddle • Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) hammered dulcimer • St. Patrick's Day in the Morning (hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp ) • Ballinderry (hammered dulcimer, wire-striung Celtic harp, flute ) • Come in from the Rain / Maid of Selma ( hammered dulcimer, fiddle, recorder ) • Carolan's Receipt / Carolan's Draught by Turlough O'Carolan (Celtic harp) • Garyowen / Larry O'Gaff (hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp ) • Irish Lamentation (hammered dulcimer quartet) Suzanna Kelly [Turlough O'Carolan, setting by Cary Ratcliff] (hammered dulcimer, pedal harp)

compact disc $15

" . . . The Irish have created some of the world's most peaceful and delicate music. This album features duets for Celtic harp and hammered dulcimer that are all the more Irish for being quiet as a whisper. Ziegler's harp usually is the lead instrument, with Collins' dulcimer providing a charming accompaniment. Their playing has the stateliness and gentility of a piece of antique Irish lace." --- Peter Spencer, Folk and World Music, The Times, Trenton New Jersey

". . . just the thing for those of us who love [Sampler's] Christmas albums, but feel a bit silly playing them in March (or July or September.) Now, there's a tasty, well-produced Collins / Ziegler album more sensible for year 'round play. The two string instruments compliment each other like two leaves of a shamrock. The resulting music is lyrical, lovely, and, as the title suggests, inspirational." --- Jack Garner, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester New York

"The delightful delicacy of the two multi-stringed instruments is tailor-made for these 14 traditional ballads, jigs, and airs . . . The result has to be heard to be believed." --- Lucky Clark, Morning Sentinel, Waterville Maine

". . . Mitzie Collins' Irish heritage is well rewarded in this album. She handles the stately airs of O'Carolan and the faster dance tunes with both style and grace. Among the standouts are a slow air version of 'Star of the County Down' where the variations turn the tune inside out to reveal a gem of shining beauty. Mitzie's solo on 'Londonderry Air' is achingly beautiful. Rozanne and Mitzie weave a web of sublime beauty that's graceful one moment, touching another and fun another, among it all. All human life is here; a wonderful tribute to the Irish tradition." — John O'Regan The Living Tradition, Garryowen, County Limerick, Ireland

"Harpist Ziegler evokes all the dignity of 'Carolan's Welcome' and the playfulness in 'Planxty Brown' and invetss 'carolan's Receit' with the dynamics of a Bach particia. :'Suzanna Kelly", an ambitious modern recomposition of Carolan's melody by Cary Ratcliff, has a delicate counterpoint that sounds like romantic kabuki music." — Michael Bloom, Rhythm Music Magazine, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Here's some great music to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day in the Morning seves up a charming array of traditional songs with originalarrangements." — Greg Fapport, Folk Music Quarterly, West Trenton, New Jersey.

" We were looking forward to the concert of Irish music sponsored by Sampler Records, but never did we anticipate such an absolutely marvelous evening! The variety - song, dance, recitation, audience participation - was a treat beyond words. You did the Irish proud.!' — Marilyn and Tom Hamilton, East Rochester, New York

"Mitzie, I am so grateful to you for your wonderful music at the 'picnic'. It added charm, joy and a great sense of friendship." — The Honorable Louise Slaughter, U. S. House of Representatives, Thirtieth District, New York

Scotland the Brave






Scottish Melodies for Hammered Dulcimer

Mitzie Collins – hammered dulcimers

instrumental • time 56 minutes

SCOTLAND THE BRAVE is a musical celebration of Scottish history and the indomitable Scottish spirit. With just one hammered dulcimer - or with the lush overlay of two or three hammered dulcimers - virtuoso performer Mitzie Collins captures the essence of Scottish melody in her imaginative interpretations. From the first stirring notes of "Scotland the Brave" to the final hushed arpeggio of "Auld Lang Syne", the memorable tunes of beloved songs, the energetic marches and the lively dance melodies unfold a calvacade of Scottish experience. The sound is exceptional on this completely digital album.

CONTENTS: Scotland the Brave • Will Ye No Come Back Again / Skye Boat Song / O'er the Water to Charley • Hunter's March • Comin' Thro'the Rye / The Deil's Awa wi'the Excise Man / Corn Rigs are Bonnie • Come O'er the Stream Charlie / Ye Banks and Braes / My Home • Scot's Wha Ha'e • My Love is Like a Red Red Rose / My Heart's in the Highlands / Annie Laurie • A Hundred Pipers / My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing / Cock o' the North • The Flower of Scotland • Amazing Grace • The Dashing White Sergeant / My Love's She's But A Lassie Yet / Bottom of the Punch Bowl • Loch Lomond • The Blue Bells of Scotland / Weel May the Keel Row • The Birks of Aberfeldy • Mairi's Wedding • The Road to the Isles • Auld Lang Syne

compact disc $15

"This is a wonderfully soothing and relaxing experience. It's the perfect album for sitting by the fire with a hot cup of tea or a wee dram! The arrangements are refreshing . . .the dulcimer brings both an ethereal and whimsical quality to these great traditional tunes." --- Donald F. Lindsay, Invermark School of Piping

"SCOTLAND THE BRAVE is a must-have for any fan of Mitzie Collins, hammered dulcimer and Scottish music." — Sherrill Fulghum, Rambles.net (28 October 2006)


Sounds Like Fun






Folk Songs, Games, and Poems for Children

Mitzie Collins – voice, dulcimers, banjo, piano • Jim Kimball – voice, fiddle, piano, banjo • Tom Bohrer – narrator • Skip Evans – voice, pennywhistles, piano, Autoharp™ • Children's ensembles – voice, Orff-Schulwerk instruments.

Nearly thirty children, singing or playing instruments, join Mitzie Collins on this joyous recording. The songs, games, and poems, especially chosen for pre-school and primary school-age children, are performed on a wide variety of folk instruments as well as glockenspiels, xylophones, and metallophones. The more than 30 years that Mitzie Collins has devoted to making music with and for children is reflected in every note of Sounds Like Fun. In addition to classroom and assembly performances in area schools, Mitzie Collins continues to be in demand as a workshop leader at early childhood conferences and music teachers' conventions. We are flattered and a little amazed to learn that this recording is now being enjoyed by a second generation of children. The 8 1/2 by 11 inch, 60-page companion book is designed for parents and teachers. Each tune is presented in an easily readable format, with chords, complete texts, instructions for the games, and suggestions for related reading material and activities. Orff-Schulwerk arrangements for five songs are included, as well as a pattern for making your own limberjack. Home-schooling parents find Sounds Like Fun and Reach to the Sky invaluable aids in incorporating music into their daily learning activities. As a result of Mitzie Collins' extensive experience with special populations, there are many adaptations and strategies for using the songs and games with special children, especially the physically handicapped.

vocal / instrumental • time 48 minutes

CONTENTS: Sounds Like Fun •The Frog (poem) • A Frog He Would a-Wooing Go• Twinkle Twinkle / Pop Goes the Weasel / Frere Jacques (hammered dulcimer, autoharp) • Jump Jim Joe • Chick-A-La-Le-O • The Opposite Song • Circle ' Round the Zero • Sally Go Round the Sun / Here Comes Sally Down the Alley / Little Sally Water (Orff instrumental ensemble) • Theophilus Thistledown (poem) • Tongue Twister Song • I Had A Horse • Engine, Engine Number Nine / Mushroom Soup Train / To Stop the Train • Pick It Up / Why Oh Why • The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre / Gary Owen / Saddle the Pony (hammered dulcimer, penny whistle) • Oh Susanna (banjo) • Jenny Jenkins •The Devil's After Me / Ten in the Bed • Wynken, Blynken and Nod (mountain dulcimer, guitar)

compact disc $15 • SPECIAL! – BUY ONE / GET ONE FREE – Perfect for gift-giving!

"A wonderful resource for teachers and parents alike. The bibliographic information, music transcriptions, and game instructions in the accompanying booklet are particularly outstanding." --- Dr. Ellen Koskoff, ethnomusicologist, The Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester

"Here are tools essential for music teachers, but especially helpful for home-schoolers and classroom teachers who are required to teach music but may not be musically literate." --- Mary Lott, ABA Music for Children, Salem, Oregon

"A delight! The musicianship is excellent and the choice of material varied and creative. having child-tested SOUNDS LIKE FUN in my classroom, I wholeheartedly recommend it for preschool and primary age children." — Carol Ely, former president New York State Association for the Education of Young Children.

"An album that lives up to its name . . . The sounds of children's voices chanting make you feel as though you are once again enjoying the delight of singing and playing in your own neighborhood. — Patty Zeitlin, for C.A.M.A.L. (Children's Artists Making a Living ) Newsletter, Los Angeles, California

"SOUNDS LIKE FUN is a fine album. The Cub Scout troup, children's choir and Orff instrumentalists are a welcome addition to the record, for they demonstrate how well these pieces actually work among children." — Cathy Barton Para, Missouri folk artist, Walnut Valley Occasional, Winfield, Kansas.

Traditional Irish Music





William Sullivan – button accordion • Mitzie Collins – hammered dulcimer and piano

instrumental • time 70 minutes

In the town of Clifden, County Galway, the ancient folk traditions of Ireland were very much alive during the boyhood of William F. Sullivan. Born in 1909, he grew up immersed in the folk music and culture which pervade.that land. When he emigrated to New York City in 1927, he brought with him his love of Irish music. Galway native William Sullivan arrived in New York in 1927 and played regularly with popular musicians and friends such as the Sligo Fiddlers Michael Coleman, Lad O'Beirne, Peter Conlan, Martin Malone, and his maternal uncle Joe Lamont He has no formal training, but sat in on sessions with legendary musicians like Larry Redican, Louis Quinn and Pete Conlon and developed a rich personal style of ornamentation and an impeccable ear for tunes. Originally released on cassette, 4 additional selections of solo accordion playing have been added to the CD.. . This hour-long cassette - his only commercial recording - contains 35 tunes played with the driving rhythms and unbounded energy of a traditional Irish evening. Our sadness at Sullivan's sudden death in August of 1989 is tempered by our happy memories of his never flagging enthusiasm for dance tunes, his bemused acceptance of his late-in-life recognition, and his genuine joy in sharing his music.

CONTENTS: Pigeon on the Gate (accordion, dulcimer) • Star of Munster (accordion, dulcimer) • Cameronian Reel (accordion, piano) • Galway Reel ( accordion, dulcimer) • Conlon's Jig (accordion, dulcimer) • Tarbolton (accordion, dulcimer) • Connaughtman's Rambles (accordion, piano) Liverpool Hornpipe (accordion, dulcimer) • Eel in the Sink (accordion, dulcimer) • Banks of Newfoundland (accordion, piano) • The Girl I Left Behind Me (accordion, dulcimer) • Blackthorn Stick (accordion, piano)• Old Man Dillon / The Rose in the Heather (accordion, piano) • Drowsy Maggie (hammered dulcimer solo) • Swallow's Tail Reel (accordion, dulcimer) • Bessie Sweeney (accordion, piano) • Lark in the Morning (accordion, dulcimer) • Paddy on the Turnpike (accordion, piano) • Boys of Blue Hill (accordion, dulcimer) • Jackson's Reel (accordion, piano) • Flax in Bloom / Bag of Potatoes (accordion, dulcimer) • Hag with Money (accordion, piano) • Kitty's Rambles (accordion, dulcimer) • Kerry Reel (accordion, dulcimer) • Baxter's Jig (accordion, piano) • Bells of Tipperary (accordion, dulcimer) • Flogging Reel (accordion, dulcimer) • Contentment is Wealth / Paddy in London (accordion, dulcimer) • Kesh Jig (hammered dulcimer solo) • Plains of Boyle ((accordion, dulcimer) • Salamanca Reel (accordion, piano) • The Black Berry Blossom (accordion, dulcimer) • Cooley's Reel (accordion solo) • Highland Fling (accordion solo) • Flowers of Red Hills (accordion solo) • Mother's Pet (accordion solo)

compact disc $10tune book $5 • CD & tune book together - $12

"For a fan of Irish 'sessions' or pub music, this tape works really well. Sullivan is excellent at playing his box, and Collins' accompaniments on piano and dulcimer help to further accentuate the rhythm. The book will be a big help to anyone who wants to learn the tunes." --- Steve Winick, Dirty Linen, Baltimore, Maryland

"Over the years he played on local radio stations and at countles dances and ceilis. His music was also recorded on the old reel to reel systems . . . he waited until the quiet days of retirement to record his first commercial tape. Bill Sullivan, his Irish cap in place, sat in a comfortable chair. . . and lifted the white 60-year old, time-worn button accordian . . . For three nights he played scores of jigs, reels, and hornpipes as Ms. Collins accompanied him either on the piano or hammered dulcimer . . . Bill Sullivan is equally content with the music of the old days and the friends it brought together." --- Jim Lowney, Irish Echo, New York City

"The sound of a real session!" --- Fiona Ritchie, host, Thistle and Shamrock, National Public Radio

" . . . he plays with gusto and rich ornamentation ... the tune selection is a nice mix of familiar pieces and some perhaps not so well-known ... For those of us who don't always have access to players in the living tradition, cassette/book packages like this are an invaluable aid both as historical documents and to help us in expanding our repertoires, and of course for the simple pleasure of listening to a fine musician . . ." --- Charles de Lint, Concertina and Squeezebox, Bellingham Washington

"An amazing repertory transfusion into our Irish music scene. . . the tape ends with three blockbusters in a row . . . every serious Celtic and countrypdance musician around here will want both the tape and the book!" — Golden Link Folk Singing Society Newsletter, Rochester, New York.

White Dulcimer Christmas





Mitzie Collins – hammered dulcimer

For years folks have asked. or even begged - Mitzie Collins to make a recording of just the hammered dulcimer - - - of just the Christmas carol arrangements she plays by herself. Finally - that much requested recording has has been produced. It was worth the wait, and the nudging from fans. The ringing sounds of the hammered dulcimer unfol many favorite religious and secular Christmas songs. favorites such as "Up on the Housetop" and :"Jingle Bells" are included as well as very unusual Danish carols and Russian children's songs for the New Year.

instrumental • time 53 minutes

CONTENTS: White Christmas / Silent Night / Away in a Manger • Creator of the Stars of Night / Of the Father's Love Begotten •Lulajze Jezuniu (Sleep Little Jesus) • Bog Sie Rodzi (God is Born) • Dzisiaj w Betlejem (Today in Bethlehem) [traditional Polish[ • Jingle Bells / Jolly Old St. Nicholas / Up on the Housetop • Deilig Er Den Himmel Blaa (Bright and Glorious is the Sky) / Det Kimer Nu til Julefest (The Christmas Bells) [traditional Danish[ • What Child is This (Greensleeves) • It Came Upon the Midnight Clear / O Little Town of Bethlehem • Toyland / Parade of the Wooden Soldiers / The Teddy Bears' Picnic • Angels We Have Heard on High / While Shepherds Watched their Flocks / Angels from the Realms of Glory • Hark the Herald Angels Sing • 'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime • Children's Carols from Russia • Christ Child's Lullaby [traditional Hebridean] • The Holly and the Ivy / The Holly Bears a Berry • Deck the Halls

compact disc $15

"She is a fine player who has placed some unusual material amongst the familiar carols. The album comes with interesting and extensive liner notes". --- Richard Gilmann, Victory Review, Bonney Lake, Washington

"White Dulcimer Christmas seems as simple and sparkling as a row of luminarias on the front steps. It's amazing how well White Christmas, Silent Night, and Away in a Manger blend in a medley. That interweaving of old and new, traditional and modern seems to be the story of all our lives at this time of year." --- Judy Stark, St. Petersburg Times, Florida

"The sound is authentic, intimate, and inspired; the strings sing with an animated vibrance thaat is difficult to duplicate in any other instrumental setting. Too cool for words. These tracks show Collins at her improvisational best, hammering with breathtaking rapidity and a deft touch. Excellent!" — Carol Swanson, ChristmasReviews.com